The program aims to provide basic Islamic education for children between the ages of 7 to 12 years old. The students will learn primary level Islamic knowledge with two new subjects of Jawi and basic prayers. All subjects taught are based on curriculum set by Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS). This program is conducted in Malay.


The main objective of this program is to provide basic Islamic education that are required by students at the primary level. Students in this program will get to:

  • Understand Islamic knowledge and sciences

  • Appreciate and practise Islamic knowledge daily

  • Think logically and analytically based on al-Quran and al-Sunnah

  • Write and read Jawi

  • Read the al-Quran following the rules of recitation

  • Write and speak basic Arabic


The program is for six years for children between the ages of 7 and 13 years old. There are two semesters in a year and students will learn specific subjects in each semester. It is conducted once a week for 2 hours and 15 minutes per session.

Subject - Sem 1

  • Fiqh/Aqidah

  • Arabic

  • Jawi

  • Iqra

  • Prayers/Surah

Subject - Sem 2

  • Sirah/Akhlaq

  • Arabic

  • Jawi

  • Iqra

  • Prayers/Surah


Students will spend at least six years in the primary program before continuing to the secondary level.


The registration fee for this program is $ 12.00, payable once during the registration. The monthly fee is $ 50.00.

Fees do not include books and supplementary notes.

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